Our products are produced 100% organically with no chemicals through a no-waste manufacturing process.

Croton Nut Oil (CNO)

Croton Nut Oil - Eco Fuels Kenya

Due to energy needs and constraints in central Kenya, there is a large demand for locally and environmentally produced replacements for diesel fuel in many stationary engine types  such as generators and water pumps.  Biofuel created from the Croton seed, or as we call it Croton Nut Oil (CNO), can replace diesel fuel in slow-spinning engines without any processing or chemical additives.  Due to its natural properties CNO burns cleaner than traditional diesel fuel, self-lubricates engines, and contains 0% sulfuric content.  Sufficient customer testing in central Kenya and laboratory studies show that CNO is ideal for use in diesel engines that spin at 1400rpm or less such as stationary diesel generators (i.e. gensets), water pumps and tractors without any chemical modification or additional processing.  For more information on CNO biofuel, please use the form on our Contact page.

Soil-Conditioning Organic Fertilisers

Organic Fertiliser - Eco Fuels Kenya

The ideal farming climate that exists year-round in central Kenya opens up an opportunity for a wide range of farming activities from large-scale flower producers for export to European markets to local agro-entrepreneurs creating local produce for markets.  EFK Groups’ fertilizer products are sold to local growers to naturally replenish soil which has been damaged from years of chemical-based inputs.

Our fertilizers are certified by the East Africa Organic Product Standards (known locally as “Kilimo Hai”), and have recently been approved for EcoCert-certified farms, the standard for organic across the European Union.

For more information on our Organic Fertilizers, please use the form on our Contact page.


EFK Group produces sustainable, non-carbonized briquettes for use in furnaces and boilers that require organic matter to generate heat.  These briquettes, sold locally to both cottage-industry and industrial customers, replace firewood and thus decrease the deforestation of the region. For more information on Briquettes, please use the form on our Contact page.

Poultry Feed

Seedcake from CNO is a high-protein, low-fat poultry feed that can be used either as an input for large feed producers (looking to replace other cakes such as Canola or Sunflower) or directly onto the farm as a supplement for growing chicks.  For more information on Poultry Feed, please use the form on our Contact page.